All About Eggs: Our Second Explorer "Post" Experience

The theme was all about eggs and learning about the art and science of cooking methodology. Chef Kadko explained to our young enthusiastic students basic methods of cooking eggs. Like boiled, half-boiled, and poached.

All about eggs

Then we learned about a special dish, a one pot meal a family can make for a brunch or that can be made in a college dorm room as breakfast.

Shakshuka Egg Drop

This is a dish named "Shakshuka" of Middle Eastern origin. It was one of the kids favorite, it tasted as good as it looks, and it was quite easy to make once Chef showed them how to make the base of the shakshuka and how to poach the egg on it.

Cooking Shakshuka

They also learned how to make frittata with seasonal vegetables, like squash and zucchini, spring onions, green onions, etc. topped with your favorite cheese. Another one pot meal kids can make, great for a bunch, dorm cooking, and family meals.. 

Vegetable Frittata

Finally the kids learned how to make the dessert part, where the kids learned how to make a chocolate souffle from scratch, using the finest chocolate.

Mixing Chocolate Souffle

At the end of the class, everyone enjoyed the dishes they made and their knowledge of how to use eggs was definitely enhanced for the participants.

Chocolate Souffle

Our next session will be on nutrition and smart shopping where we will learn about shopping for food ingredients, focused on quality, labeling, nutrition, and seasonal. Taking place at the Whole Foods market in Madison on March 23rd. 

You still have time to signup, and we have a lot more sessions coming up in our program.

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We can't wait for the next session and we hope to see you there!