Memories of 2018 Around the World Camp

Highlights of Around the World 2018 Camp

In five short days, the campers had traveled to the food scenes of Latin America, Europe, and East Asia. At Passion For Spices™ Summer Cooking Camp, the kids learn about the food and flavor profiles of regional dishes native to a particular country, which changes every day. From fire-roasted poblano salsa to chicken shao mai, Passion For Spices™’ chef, Sam Kadko, kept the kids on their toes in the kitchen.

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Day 1: Mexican Cooking

During our brief stop in Mexico on Monday, the campers charred poblano peppers, removed the skin, and combined them with blanched tomatoes in a food processor to form a delicious sauce that the kids loved to spoon over their tacos. The kids also made chicken enchiladas smothered in green tomatillo sauce and stuffed with chicken and freshly grated Monterrey jack cheese.

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Day 2: Spanish Specialties

On the second day, we visited Spain where the children prepared paella valenciana with chicken and chorizo. Older campers enjoyed browning the chorizo over the stove while our younger chefs enjoyed cutting summer squash and zucchini for a traditional Spanish tapas. The children made a roux sauce, frequently used to thicken other dishes.

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Day 3: Asian Dishes

On Wednesday, we stopped by China for some dim sum. The kids watched excitedly as Chef Kadko showed them how to make pleats for the chicken potstickers. They also enjoyed making shao mai, an open faced dumpling. They also had golden egg rolls packed with mushrooms, noodles, and aromatics like ginger and garlic. Surely enough, we sent home a class full of happy campers with stomachs full of lots and lots of dumplings.

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Day 4: French Delights

On his last day of this week’s camp, Kadko gave the campers a taste of what has long been known as the culinary center of the world: France. He showed students how to swirl crepe batter around a lightly buttered pan to evenly distribute the batter so that the crepe cooks evenly, while others used a portable induction cooktop to make petite crepes. The flatbread was filled with either an apple or chicken filling. In addition to the crepes, the campers baked citrusy madeleines. Once baked, the campers dipped half into a rich chocolate ganache, that was so good, kids were demanding it by the spoonful!

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Day 5: Argentine Cuisine

Day 5 came with guest chefs Anita and Vicky of Summit’s own Anita’s Baked Goods. Together, they instructed the campers on how to prepare traditional Argentine empanadas, alfajores, and Argentinian gnocchi. Campers got to prepare everything from the empanada fillings to putting the alfajores together, which are cookies with dulce de leche (caramelized condensed milk) sandwiched between two sugar cookies. But the campers favorite part of camp that day way filling the empanadas.

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