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Cocktail Hour to Support The Kids at Variety Philadelphia

  • May Fridel's 24 Oakridge Avenue Summit, NJ, 07901 United States (map)

Variety is an 80 acre facility for disabled children - nobody is turned away. 

Since 1935, Variety – The Children’s Charity of the Delaware Valley has continued its mission to enrich the lives of children and young adults with disabilities through social, educational, and vocational programs that nurture independence and self-confidence, and prepare them for life.

Variety serves children between birth and age 21 with temporary and/or permanent disabilities resulting from injury, illness, or congenital conditions. Variety has touched the lives of more than 5000 kids.

They are focused on vocational training, building confidence, and encouraging social skills to allow the children they serve to ultimately lead a successful and independent life. 

Currently, Variety is seriously underfunded and are in need of aid for several high priority areas:

1. Computers. Computer knowledge and familiarity is imperative in any capacity. Variety's vision is to create a computer lab and social technology lounge with single use computer stations for individuals and designated areas for games and social interaction. 

2. Variety has a small bakery. They sell zucchini breads, muffins and cookies - all of which taste fantastic I have to say. They sell in the local community and they sell out daily. The current baking and cooking equipment is old and insufficient. The desire here is to raise enough funds to expand the bakery and start selling online. 

In step with Variety's desire to develop confidence they wish to set up a cafe in the computer lounger where students can learn to take orders and serve customers. This is a whole new skill set which will give the children another career option.

3. Many of the autistic kids within the program have trouble or simply cannot communicate without an iPad. This leads to much anger and frustration for the children and Variety is need of at least 40 more iPads. (They don't need to do the most recent version.) 

4. Sadly, Variety has no musical instruments which creates a real lack in the opportunity for the children to learn and experience music. It has been proven that autistic kids respond amazingly well to music and are often great performers. 

5. Variety just started science and technology classes. The programs are in their early stages and need help in their development. 

Variety is putting together a pen pal program matching a disabled child with a mainstream child. 

In addition - Variety is collecting lightly used jeans and tees. We will get bedazzles and patches so it can be a fashion design lab for the kids. 

Take a look at  to get a clearer picture of the magnitude of the services they provide for these children.

There are so many things we can do to create a lasting impact in these children's lives.

We look forward to seeing you this October at the Cocktail Hour to Support this great cause! For more information contact