Passion for Spices 8th Annual Summer Cooking Camp: Farm to Table - Our Third Week

Highlights of Our Third Week: Farm to table

This third week of our summer cooking camp was all about using farm fresh and seasonal vegetables. The Passion for Spices team focused on teaching campers the importance of knowing where your food comes from, identifying in season fruits and vegetables, and creating fresh and summery foods.

Refreshing Cold Soups: From the Garden

To begin the week, our first day was all about soups; cold soups and summery soups specifically. Author May Fridel taught the campers several different techniques for crafting soups using fresh vegetables including:  avocado cucumber soup with fresh picked herbs from May's cookbook Indian Cuisine and Diabetes Cookbook,  a Russian style vegetable soup, and what became their favorite soup, gazpacho, all served with crusty country bread!

Summer Cooking Camp - Soups - 2017.jpg

Summer Veggie Combos

The second day was no less exciting as the campers learned how to turn ordinary farm fresh vegetables into culinary masterpieces from scratch! First they were asking, "If there is any meat in the chili," but as they tasted the soups, with all the flavors and different textures they relished it. The campers finished the day making Moroccan Tajine, Spanish Escalivada, and vegetarian chili; all the while snacking freshly cooked chickpeas as they prepared the dishes.

Visit To Murph Farm in Chatham

A highlight of our week was the trip to Murph Farm in Chatham. Eliza Murphy, owner of the farm, gave a tour of the farm, where the campers got to feed the chickens, pick vegetables, and learn how their favorite fruits and vegetables are grown. The campers had fun picking vegetables like cucumbers , many varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, and zucchini, as well as fresh herbs.. They kids experienced a real farm to table concept, where we made fresh pizzas to foccacias, and used the vegetables straight from the farm. We also made  fresh fruit baskets, and honey lemonade.

Farm to table - 2017 Passion for Spices.jpg
Farm to Table 2 - 2017.jpg

Veggies & Farm-Fresh Eggs

On the fourth day, the campers learned how to incorporate farm fresh eggs with seasonal vegetables, making dishes such as quiche, summer frittatas, and Korean pancakes!

Fresh Eggs  Veggies.jpg

Handmade Free Form Pies

Friday featured guest Chef Bob Conway, owner and baker at Brownie Points Bakery in Summit, NJ. Chef Conway taught the campers how to craft free form handmade pies, including apple crisp, peach cobbler, and a delicious plum crostata! All the fruits were picked from Race Farm in Blairstown, NJ.

Handmade Free Form Pies - 2017.jpg

Family Cooking Series Next Week

We are looking forward to next week, where parents cook and eat together with their kids. 

We have a few more seats left. We have many fun themes including "Oodles Noodles Class" where we learn to make soba noodles from scratch. 

This is going to be an exciting last week. So calling all families to come cook with us with your kids/teens.

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