everyday kitchen Spices

Born from a long line of spice merchants,
May introduces a premium line of spice blends designed for the American palate

Our spice blends are crafted using the highest quality of spices complete with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories to help boost the immune system for optimal health. These blends were also produced using a sustainable and eco-friendly process which also lend to their flavorful finish.

Keralan Curry Spice


Great for grilling meat, seafood, poultry, and veggies. Use this versatile spice blend at cookouts, this earthy and smoky blend will turn every backyard barbecue into a celebration. Use a teaspoon or two of the spice blend, enhanced with aromatics like ginger and garlic. 


Great for grilling lamb, poultry, and veggies. Perfect for enhancing any dessert recipe — use in same proportion as cinnamon and give it extra depth. Great for burgers too! Use as a finishing spice for savory dishes like soups, Kormas and Kebabs. Your apple and pumpkin pie will be outstanding!

Kashmiri Garam Masala Spice


  • Packaged in recycled, hand-crafted paper and BPA-free plastic wrapping

  • 100% Organic & Kosher

  • Non-Irradiated

  • Salt & Sugar Free

  • No Artificial Ingredients or Color


Ideas for Your Kitchen



Add to puddings, and include in any fruit dishes, pies, fruit crisps, compotes, and cobblers. 

Add to the batter for cookies, cakes, quick breads, muffins, cinnamon rolls, waffles, and pancakes.

Add to granola or muesli recipes. 

For a special treat, try adding the spice blend to the egg batter for french toast, or combine it with powdered sugar for sprinkling over the french toast before serving.

Add a teaspoon of spice blend in a pot of coffee everyday!


Use it in the kitchen everyday for grilling, braising, soup, salads, roasting etc..

Dips: Make a quick, easy dip by stirring Keralan Curry Spice Blend into greek yogurt with a little lemon and salt.

Rubs: Sprinkle Keralan Curry Spice Blend on proteins before grilling or roasting for a boost of flavor.

Soups, beans and braises: Bring new depths of flavor to soups, curries or lentils by adding Keralan Curry Spice Blend to the mirepoix.


Where to Buy

Visit our online store and have the spices shipped directly to your front door!

Both of our spices are currently available at The Meat House in Summit, New Jersey.

Our spices are also being used in various restaurants around New Jersey.

Health Benefits

Dr. Andrew Weil has an amazing resource for what cooking with spices can do to your health and lifestyle.

Check out his website www.drweil.com