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The Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook brings the taste, aroma, and health benefits of basic and exotic Indian spices into your kitchen. Delicious Indian dishes that are packed with flavor and fiber-rich ingredients are easier to make than you think. Emphasizing a healthy eating philosophy, this cookbook helps the reader make non-processed meals from scratch in no time at all.

This cookbook dispels the notion that Indian cuisine consists only of highly spicy foods. Instead, it shows the reader that Indian spices can have a significant place in our everyday diet. Home cooks will learn the qualities of Indian spices that infuse everyday food with subtle and healthy flavors and understand how a balanced approach to eating well can meet the nutritional needs of people with diabetes by incorporating traditional and modern approaches to cooking wholesome ingredients, layered with spices.

May’s food philosophy More Spice! Less Fat! is part of each and every recipe in the Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook. Readers will learn how to:
Incorporate a wide variety of whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and spices.
Incorporate more fiber-rich, colorful vegetables and fruits.
Incorporate a balanced portion of protein and carbohydrate while using healthy fats in moderation. Use healthy cooking methods like pressure cooking, steaming, and grilling. Use low-processed ingredients and staples.

Best of all, the recipes are simple and easy to prepare. Many cooks do not have a lot of time nor the complicated tools used in traditional Indian cooking, so author May Fridel has employed a number of techniques to keep the recipes quick and easy, without compromising on flavor.

Each recipe will include nutritional information (with a focus on the benefits and use of spices), a reference glossary, and sample menus organized by season to take advantage of seasonally and locally available fresh produce.In addition, the spices used in each recipe will appeal to all tastes and result in a surprisingly flavorful and healthy dish with a reduced fat content.
People with diabetes, who have felt that Indian food was out of bounds, will love these easy-to-prepare, savory recipes.

With more than 140 recipes and beautiful color photography throughout, the Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook is a comprehensive culinary adventure through main dishes, sides, condiments, one-pot meals, flatbreads, drinks and desserts of Asia’s majestic sub-continent. It’s sure to spice up anybody’s dinner table!

Recipes Include:

  • Bitter Melon Chips

  • Curried Aloo Anardana Salad

  • Hara Adrak Chops with Pickled Salad

  • Malabar Mixed Seafood Curry

  • Roasted Masala Branzino

  • Spiced Apple Pancakes

  • Masala Omelette with Mixed Veggies

  • Roasted Corn and Sweet Potato Soup

  • Chia Seed Falooda

  • Whole Wheat Spinach Parathas

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