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May was featured speaker at Conference

Passion for Spices, May Fridel, was one of the featured speakers at the GNJSHFSA’S Annual Fall Conference in New Jersey.

GNJSHFSA  (Greater New Jersey Society for Healthcare Food Service Administrators) had their annual conference this November 17th. May took the stage at 1:30pm and gave a presentation on how to Spice Up Your Kitchen. She conducted an interactive presentation on spices with a focus on health and wellness, and how to practically use spices in our kitchens. 

This event also partners with The Community Food Bank of New Jersey, which fights hunger and poverty by distributing food and groceries, providing education and training, and making new programs to help people with low incomes meet their basic needs.

The spice line that will transform the
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Passion for Spices two unique spice blends are that perfect secret ingredient to turn any ordinary dish into something truly special. Add Kashmiri Garam Masala to your meat before grilling or even into your desserts before baking. Try Keralan Curry on your next roast or blend into that perfectly seasoned soup.


Locations across New Jersey are already using our spices.
Farms, hotels, restaurants, and homes have fallen in love with the original flavors that only Passion for Spices can create. See for yourself the difference a little spice can make.