culinary Teen competition Cooking Camp



In this NEW addition to our summer camp repertoire, we put several teams of teens to the progressive culinary test! Our professional chefs will be working with each team everyday, and each team  will learn new techniques as well as how to plan, prepare, create and present a 3 course meal using mystery ingredients from our seasonal "market basket" along with open access to our "community pantry." Finished dishes  will be judged on presentation, use of seasonal ingredients, technique, flavor development, and teamwork. Based on their performance, teams are awarded points, with each team receiving a daily score. On the final day, daily scores will be added together and whichever team has the most points WINS!

Challenge #1
Working with recipes

Challenge #2
"Morning after breakfast"

challenge #3
Italian Fest!

Challenge #4
wok and roll


challenge #5 Grand finale

Calling all teens for a crazy delicious week of Culinary Competition! Where they will be planning a three course meal and executing it. The program is designed for the teens to have a fun hands-on culinary experience, with the help of trained professionals.


9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Monday - Thursday

Friday - Finale
6:00 - 9:00pm


Calvary Church
31 Woodland Ave
Summit, NJ 07901


$300 per person

Also Included:

  • Free E-Book which included recipes and pictures our memorable cooking experience

  • Light lunch, which included generous portion of food the kids made